Office design can attract and retain staff

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In a competitive, globalised world, companies of all industries are looking for ways to maximise the productivity of their staff. Providing employees with an environment capable of enhancing productivity should be top of the list for all business leaders.

It’s essential to not only to attract the right employees that will have the correct skill-set, personality and knowledge to help your business grow and move forward, but to retain them and one way of doing that is to invest in a workplace that attracts and retains talent.

A mixture of spaces

Everyone works in different ways and acknowledging this is a sign of good management. As an employer you should ensure that the working environment is adaptable to cater for different styles of work and different generations. In the initial planning and design stages you should factor in work zones specifically designed to promote creativity. These areas can be used for workers who thrive working in a quiet environment and need to concentrate, or as breakout meeting rooms for collaboration.

Some organisations require an open plan. An open working environment poses benefits to both employer and employee. Communication, collaboration and overall well-being are among the positives that arise from applying this structure.

When you are recruiting not only are you looking for someone who will work well with the current team but someone who will bring a variety of new, innovative ideas to the table. Collaboration is essential, and using a mixture of spaces will encourage and stimulate your employees.

Office Culture

When hiring, personality could make all the difference. After all, the office is a place where your team spends the majority of their time. As well as working to meet the objectives of the organisation, your employees are also developing both professional and personal relationships. Therefore the culture of the organisation will have impact when hiring.

Research shows that if a company adopts good Corporate Social Responsibility practices overall morale will increase which, in turn, will lead to greater staff retention as well as a greater output of work. You want your new recruits to fit in and stick around for the long term so provide them with a working environment they deserve.

Keep your employees happy

There’s also been a great deal of research investigating the importance of well-being within the workplace and workplace happiness in large part comes down to creating the right culture. But when it comes to office design there are small things you can do that will help relax, motivate and keep your employees content throughout the working day:

Colour: When designing your office introduce neutral and relaxing colours to help create a calm atmosphere for your employees. Blues and greens are commonplace within office design and regarded as restful colours that promote thinking, creativity and performance.

Furniture: You should also consider introducing furniture that is comforting and soft. Creating a ‘homely’ environment will make your employees feel cared for and therefore, motivated.

Features: There has been a great deal of research investigating the benefits of plants within the workplace. Plants add life, promote well-being and also look good!

Lighting: When planning your space’s layout it’s a good idea to make sure no furniture is blocking windows, restricting the amount of natural light within the office. Natural light has positive impact upon mood and will help your employees focus throughout the working day.

And you?

How do you want to improve your workspace? If you are considering re-designing your offices, contact the Workspace Design Team  today. Our team of specialists are on hand to listen to your thoughts and work with you to provide a functional and creative space that will help attract and retain your staff. Get in touch by dropping us a line.

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