Turnkey Office Solutions

Workspace offers its clients a full turnkey office solution from concept to conclusion allowing the client to continue to focus on their day to day business whilst the Workspace team follow a very structured methodology to ensure that the clients every expectation is met and all they need to do is to settle into their new corporate offices at the end of the project.

Project Team

1. The establishment of a project team in conjunction with the client
2. Assign professional engineers to support design disciplines


1. Conduct client brief to establish key objectives
2. Set desired structures and objectives required to make environment successful
3. Determine full scope of work
4. Establish budget parameters
5. Restructure existing organogram into resource matrix
6. Resource matrix to determine total square meterage required for changes
7. Identify facilities required in the workspace


1. Prepare necessary workplace studies
2. Survey existing offices / building
3. Survey existing furniture to be re-used
4. Verify existing plans against the as built building
5. Load hard copy of plans onto CAD software
6. Load surveyed existing furniture onto CAD software

Space planning

1. Detailed space planning of workspaces
2. Space planning of existing offices
3. Space planning of existing furniture
4. Space planning of new offices
5. Space planning of new furniture
6. Space planning of all facilities and public areas

Design and Detailing

1. Prepare construction plans of approved layout/s
2. Prepare detailed drawings
3. Prepare specifications schedule of all finishes

Space Planning and Presentation of proposed interior finishes

1. Present all space planning layouts, special design areas, sample boards,
proposed products and finishes
2. Present preliminary cost estimate based on initial client brief for approval

Procurement/ Construction/ Project Management Construction & detailed drawings

1. Prepare specifications schedule of all finishes
2. Print and issue all construction layouts
3. Print and issue all furniture layouts


1. Procurement of all materials and labour
2. Monitor manufacturing of all products procured
3. Manage delivery and installation of all goods and services
4. Ensure goods and services delivery and installed timeously

Construction Management

1. Oversee construction process
2. Quality control of all interior work specifications
3. Manage timing parameters

Moving and Settling

1. Obtain quotations from removals companies
2. Co-ordinate and assist in relocation procedures
3. Tag all existing furniture to be moved
3. Prepare and present final quotation for approval